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You Have To Be A Fool To Become A Master

When we tell people about our fourth value, they often ask “what on earth does that mean?” or they think we are saying we are a fool!

Our next value is You Have To Be A Fool To Become A Master.

So, what does that mean?

To us at Ocala Healthcare it means that you have to be willing to look and at times be foolish in order for you to eventually master something!

An excellent example of this is our Director Adam doing his videos!

Adam isn’t particularly confident in front of the camera, hell he isn’t particularly competent either! But he knows that we learn by doing, and it is better to do something than to do nothing.

There will be plenty of times that Adam looks nervous, stumbles, and even look a little foolish, but its all part of the gradual progression to mastery.

We must fail to become good and maybe even excellent atanything.

One of the big problems today is that people fear failure and of looking foolish. I am sure this is not helped by social media and the internet, but those things only matter as much as the credit you decide to give it.

At Ocala Healthcare, we are happy to see people pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone as this often leads to exciting new opportunities either now or down the line. It links directly to our value of Never Stop Learning.

But it takes a lot of courage to do that! So, when you start something new that you believe will enhance your life or the life of others, accept that there will be a short period of looking kind of foolish! If anything, enjoy it and be willing to laugh at yourself as you go through the process! It will then also link to another of our values which is Its Not Outstanding If Its Not Fun.

One of the biggest parts of going from “fool” to “master” is being able to ask for help! It is important to first of all have the confidence to ask for help, and then to have a team of open people around you that are able and willing to help!

At Ocala Healthcare we have created an open culture where we try to lift each other up to take onthe challenges we take on. It’s important to have a team around you that will support you on your journey.

Don’t let fear stop you achieving an aspiration that you have, just remember You Have To Be A Fool To Become A Master.

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