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Reintroducing Ocala Healthcare

In November 2017, Ocala Healthcare started its journey to become to catalyst for change in agency care by being the best in the world at valuing and appreciating everyone in social care. During the past five years there have been challenges and triumphs.

Ocala Healthcare has faced down Brexit, Covid-19, and is currently facing down Social Cares most challenging recruitment market. But it didn’t just survive these challenges, Ocala Healthcare adapted to extend its ability to serve people in social care.

In June 2018, we had registered with the Care Quality Commission at the time we were considering delivering home care services to people in their own homes. But the agency required more of our time, and it didn’t start.

In August 2020, we were asked by the local authority to support them with an emergency need as a CQC provider as the challenges of COVID overwhelmed social care providers. We stepped in and assisted for 10 months before successfully transferring their care to permanent care providers.

Ocala Healthcare has now established a reputation for dependable and quality care as a CQC Provider and as such we have received many requests to assist people to live at home.

One such lady we support to live independently has recently been on a bucket list holiday of going on a cruise. An activity she says herself she never thought she would do. Now there are plans for more cruised and a trip to Cornwall involving a very large zipwire!

We have taken a lot of inspiration from her story and we have decided that we would like to help more people to live their dream life.

With this in mind! Allow me to introduce

Ocala Recruitment

As of the 20th June 2022, Ocala Recruitment will be operating all of Ocala Healthcare’s previous agency care services. It is important to note her that this is purely a change of name and only and I would like to reassure you that you will deal with all of the same team members as you were previously.

By creating Ocala Recruitment, we have defined it as a care agency only and separate from its sister business Ocala Healthcare. This allows us to improve our services specifically for agency care services as we continue our journey to be the best in the world at valuing and appreciation care workers, residents, managers across social care.

I would also like to reintroduce to you

Ocala Healthcare

With Ocala Recruitment at the helm of the agency services, it will mean that Ocala Healthcare can continue its own journey as a care provider. At this time, we are only providing 24/7 care services to people in their homes, and we will not be providing shorter domiciliary care services.

Our objective is to give people in care the confidence in themselves that they can have and live their dream lives.

This will be an exciting time for everyone at Ocala Healthcare and Ocala Recruitment. This change will bring opportunities for people such as guaranteed hour contracts, career progression for carers, better services for care homes, as well as residents.

At the time of writing we are in the process of updating our websites. We will make an announcement when these are complete.

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