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New Year, New Me, New Job?

So here we are again at the start of a new year! I have already made and broken my resolution, but cheese is my weakness and I will go down with that delicious cheese filled ship!What resolutions have you made?

To give up chocolate?

Walk to work once a week?

Well according to Investors in People, 1 in 5 of us make it our New Year’s resolution to find a new job and according to The Metro this means that the Monday Following New Year’s Day is ‘known as Massive Monday’, a day where record breaking numbers of applications are made!

2018 New Year

There are many reasons why people will change jobs;

  • Lack of progression opportunity
  • Financial
  • Looking for a new challenge
  • Job satisfaction
  • Looking for a rewarding career

Just to name a few!

Well if you are looking for a new challenge and rewarding career then have you considered working in care?

Being a care assistant has given me some of the most enjoyable and difficult days in my working life. From assisting that person to swim for the first time and seeing their face light up, to being with someone at the end of their lives. When working in care you can feel every emotion in a day and that I think is what makes working in care so special. The opportunity to make a genuine difference to peoples lives. From the person you are caring for to their families.

Working in care also opens many more doors than what you might expect!

My path from care assistant has led me into recruitment. Others I know have become social workers, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, Occupational Health Therapists, advocates and so many others! The career progression opportunities are genuinely endless, and the foundations of a great career can be laid by caring.

With the population age continuing to rise there is also a level of job security in healthcare that is unlike many other sectors.

Everyone can be trained to do most jobs but contrary to popular belief not anyone can be care assistant. Most of the skills you need can not be taught and are often personality traits!

Patience, empathy, kindness and hardworking are just a few of those traits needed to be great! Using PPE equipment, changing a pad and brushing someone else’s teeth (harder than you think) can all be taught.

Do you have these traits?

Then why not make that change, take that leap and give yourself a chance at a new career in care?

Call us today, on 01473 378100, if you have any questions or want to find out more about how to get into care work!

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