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Never Stop Learning

Our second value is to Never Stop Learning. At Ocala Healthcare we know the importance of continually developing ourselves and our services to continually deliver better services and employment.

This commitment to never stop learning stretches across the entire organisation, for carers we provide added value training and have provided NVQ qualifications.

The great thing about working as an agency carer is that opportunities to learn something new are so readily available! As an agency carer you go to new services regularly and get to work with such a diverse group of people, supporting people with learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, dementia, the elderly, acquired brain injury, drug and alcohol misuse, and the homeless.

No two groups are the same, and no two people are the same and by working with lots of various groups and people you are on the fast track to supremely competent.

Our office team is largely made up of carers and support workers,and they embark on a huge learning curve when starting with us as it is their first role in recruitment. The excellent thing about this is that they share our values because they have lived the role in care. The great thing about their journey is that the learning curve they are on is never ending, and there is no limit to their potential.

We know from experience that one of the big frustrations when working in care is the feeling that there is a lack of opportunity to progress. It has always been important to us to create a career path within Ocala Healthcare for carers, and we stand by our commitment to develop our team in this way to create a business that understands care from the ground up.

It is not just Ocala Healthcare that makes this commitmen tto never stop learning, it is also a personal obligation that we ask everyone in Ocala Healthcare to undertake. We want care employment to be better tomorrow than it has ever been, and by taking ownership of your own personal development you will not only be creating yourself opportunity in your own life, but you will be improving the care and lives of others.

You may even inspire someone else to take on the burden of better professional or personal competence.

All of the real learning happens in our adult life, and now is the time to make a commitment to yourself to Never Stop Learning.

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