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Is Ocala Healthcare Safe?

The CQC is the regulator for all Health and Social Care services from care in people’s homes, to hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

It is the CQC that determines if services are safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led.

Before we find out if Ocala Healthcare is considered safe by the CQC,

What does safe mean to the CQC?

Safe – means that the CQC looked for evidence that people were protected from abuse and avoidable harm.

So, is Ocala Healthcare safe according to the CQC?

This key question has been rated Good by the CQC. This meant people were safe and protected from avoidable harm.

What systems and processes to safeguard people from the risk of abuse were in place?

“The registered manager has a range of measures in place to help safeguard people from the risk of abuse. Feedback from social care professionals told us safeguarding concerns were thoroughly investigated in an open and transparent manner.

Staff had received training in safeguarding procedures and knew how to report any concerns relating to people's safety and welfare” says the report from the CQC.

How is assessing risk, safety monitoring and management contributing to being safe?

“Risks to people's health, welfare and safety were assessed and monitored.

The registered manager carried out comprehensive individual and environmental risk assessments which identified any risks with comprehensive management plans to protect people and staff from the risk of harm.

Staff told us they were provided with the information they needed to keep people safe. For example, how to move people safely with detailed guidance on how to use equipment” says the report from the CQC.

How is staffing and recruitment ensuring safe services?

“There were sufficient staff to meet the person's needs.

Required safety checks had been carried out to ensure that staff employed were skilled and suitable to carry out the work they were employed to perform.

The person was supported by a team of regular staff who stayed for the allotted time.

There were on call arrangements in place for outside office hours should people using the service or staff need advice or support” says the report from the CQC.

Are Ocala Healthcare using medicines safely?

“At the time of our inspection there was no one receiving support with medicines administration.

Staff received training in the safe administration of medicines.

There was a policy in place and systems for monitoring should anyone be in receipt of support with administration of their medicines” says the report from the CQC.

How does Ocala Healthcare prevent and control infection?

“There was an infection prevention and control policy in place. Additional guidance in relation to infection prevention and control during the pandemic was introduced to provide staff with current information about COVID-19.

Staff had received training in infection prevention and control including how to safely apply, remove and of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Staff told us they were supplied with enough PPE to undertake their work safely. The person using the service confirmed that staff always wore PPE” says the report from the CQC.

How does Ocala Healthcare learn lessons when things go wrong?

“Incidents and accidents were recorded and reviewed by the registered manager.

The registered manager recognised the importance of being open and using incidents to identify improvements. This was also confirmed from feedback we received from the local authority” says the report from the CQC.

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