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Be Accountable

Being a care worker is a huge responsibility. People literally put their lives and happiness into your hands. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters put the lives and happiness of their nearest and dearest into your hands.

When choosing a care provider for yourself or a loved one, whether that be in your own home or a care home, you go with the people that you trust to help you to continue living a fulfilling life.

Any job where other people put their own lives or their families into your hands is one hell of a responsibility. Teachers, nurses, carers, and emergency service workers all share this responsibility every single day.

When you have this responsibility the importance to Be Accountable can not be understated.

Care providers as organisations need to be accountable for delivering outstanding care. Carers need to be accountable for giving highly empathetic and person-centred care. Cleaners need to be accountable for providing a safe home for people to live in. The managers need to be accountable for leading a team effectively so that people live and not only survive in care homes.

Every single person is responsible for delivering outstanding care.

That’s why Be Accountable is another of our values.

At Ocala Healthcare we believe that holding ourselves to account for the care we deliver we continually learn to be more effective.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity by being accountable for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This means taking ownership of our wins and losses, fortunately we get a lot right but rare occasions we get things wrong. It the important thing for us when that happens is that we hold our hands up, communicate the problem, and then get to work fixing it.

In general people usually respond positively to our integrity, but it is our accountability and willingness to learn from these mistakes that makes us truly effective.

That is what we ask for from Carers, to be accountable in the same way. To know that sometimes mistakes will happen, but to hold your hands up and learn from it, and to keep doing that because eventually you’ll become a person that is just providing safe and effective care.

You’ll spread more happiness and love to the people you care for than can possibly be imagined.

It all starts with you, all you have to do is Be Accountable.

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