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Always Give Your Best

The first of our values is to Always Give Your Best. This means that we always do our best, we do not ask for more but expect nothing less.

We hold ourselves as employers, providers of a service, and as individuals accountable to this value. It means that we give 100% everytime, whether that be when covering a shift, processing payroll, or just speaking on the phone.

We often say there are only two things that we can guarantee which is always in our control and not influenced by external circumstances. Those two things are that we will;

1.      Always do our best

2.      Always be transparent and honest

We hold our care team to the same standard. We work hard to be the most flexible care agency possible, that promotes the best values for making care employment exceptional.

In return for that, we ask our care team to give the very best of themselves in service to OUTSTANDING care and enhancing the lives ofthe people we care for.

Nobody can do more than their very best, and we make sure wedon’t expect the unrealistic. We believe strongly in work life balance and support this whole heartedly.

Which is why you will often hear Adam tell the team “Say no to 100 shifts, just please turn up for the 1 that you say that you will”.

We understand that working for a care agency means doing only what you can do.

But whilst we are at work, we expect nothing less than our best. Every moment we are supporting/caring for someone we have an opportunity to make their day and life just that little bit better.

At Ocala Healthcare we are working to provide the best care employment possible, whilst assisting care providers to meet CQC expectations of OUTSTANDING care!

To do this, we all have to Always Give Our Best.


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