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What qualifies us to redefine agency care?

“Who the hell do these people think they are?”

“Do they really think they are going to change anything?”  

“What gives them the right to think they will be any different?”

Well, let me explain.

Sam and Adam have both worked as agency carers since 2009. This first-hand care experience has been invaluable to us! It means that we developed our passion for care the same way everyone in Social Care should, through giving a part of themselves to deliver outstanding care daily.

By working as agency carers, we have experienced some of the best and worst that care employment has to offer.

We got the flexibility, but we also had work taken from us if we said no to a shift the company wanted to fill.

We got paid weekly, but we also got charged a ridiculous admin fee just for receiving a payslip. It wasn’t until I worked in recruitment later that I learnt that this was an admin fee passed onto carers by the recruiter so that they could make more money. As though the work I had done for them weekly wasn’t enough.

We got time off, but had holiday pay kept from us. Never being told we had holiday pay, or having a reduced amount given to us. I will go into that rabbit hole separately!

Both Adam and Sam also fell into recruitment and domiciliary care coordination after hands on care work. This gave us the experience necessary to coordinate effectively and to develop recruitment skills.

Since starting Ocala Healthcare, we have studied and developed our own recruitment and marketing strategies to make Ocala Healthcare truly effective at getting in front of the top 1% of agency carers.

Our combined recruitment and care experience, as well as the copious amount self-development we have embarked on gives us an excellent level of competence and understanding whilst running a care agency. This is proven with the reputation for quality, care, and reliability over the past 4 years.

However, it is our passion that gives us the right to believe that we can redefine agency care. You can become a great care worker, you can learn to become a great recruiter or marketer, but you cannot recreate our unwavering passion for people.

At Ocala Healthcare, we genuinely believe that there is nothing more rewarding that caring for those who need us in this country. However, we also know that care employment is no where near the standard that it needs to be to attract and retain people that will deliver OUTSTANDING care very single day.

Social Care needs an adrenaline shot of better pay, prestige, and professionalism. It is well proven across all political parties that there is no chance that we will see these improvements in Social Care if left to any government’s own devices.

What does this mean?

It means that if we want something to change, we must change it ourselves, at least as much as we reasonably can! Only then can we apply the kind of pressure required for adequate action from governments.

How is Ocala Healthcare going to redefine agency care?

By operating true to our values and always remembering that the actions we take today give us hope for a better future for Social Care tomorrow.

Delivering an agency that does what it says it will do, puts people before profit, and continually strives to improve, we will undoubtably change what agency care means today for the better.

Ocala Healthcare is the vehicle in which our values for making peoples lives better, and we hope to inspire similar organisations to do the same.

So, what qualifies us to redefine agency care?

Maybe nothing really, but we are at least willing to try.

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