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Social Care Recruitment - What can we do

The challenges of social care recruitment has care providers across the country on its knees right now. With National Living Wages, summer holidays, COVID-19, Brexit, and a lack of work life balance all contributing to disillusioning current care workers and putting of potentially new carers.

The impact of not having enough staff is severe. It means people not getting the high level of quality care they deserve. It means care providers turning away people that need support due to a lack of capacity. It means care workers working to burn out to try and give the people they care for the best they can.

Ultimately, under staffed care providers means that those that rely on us most in this country suffer.

Adam and Sam at Ocala Healthcare have worked in care recruitment for over 6 years together, 4 of which have been within their own business. Together we wanted to share a few tips for care managers to assist them reach new potential care applicants!

Job Posting

It's old, but it's gold. Advertising your job online is a great way to source applicants. I personally have not found alot of value in recruitment adverts in the newspaper.



We know it is tough to be a care manager. You are expected to own all of the hats. Run an effective care service for the CQC, deliver outstanding care for the residents and their families, run a successful business for the owners.... We are not finished, be the leader of the team, the shoulder to cry on for the care staff, and a recruitment expert! 

It's tough, believe us we know. To point you in the right direction with the last one. The key to recruitment is multiple strategies. The single biggest problem with care home recruitment at times is that managers post a job online then cross their fingers and hope for the hoards are at the door the next morning. I'm sorry but they aren't coming.

Here are some other strategies to try today

Social Media

If you want to get in front of people, be on social media and be active! Share the beautiful stories from your home. Capture those everyday moments that make care special, and show people that when working for you they can make such a difference to peoples lives, and create more happiness for themselves and others than they can imagine.

CV Searching

Approach a job board, that has 1000's of CV's. Start searching and contacting people directly! This requires time and effort but is an effective way of getting in front of experienced people.


By far and away the best way to recruit new people is by word of mouth of people that do or have engaged with your service. So appreciate the team you have, reward them for the work they do, and notice the moments of happiness they create. This will all go a long way to creating an enviroment that people want to work, and people will knock on your door to ask where to apply!

I hope this has given you some food for thought! If you have any questions in regards to these strategies you can contact Adam on

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